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5 Stars

Dr. Steven Lemons performed the ablation on my father last week. We worked with his nurse Meaghan. She was excellent. We have been very happy with the results. The Urologists offered us a partial nephrectomy but we wanted a non-invasive option and found our way to Dr. Lemons. He said he could "microwave it out" This turned out to be the best option by far! Thank you!!
5 Stars

Dr. Roher treated my uterine fibroids late last year. I am now happy to say that I am symptom free. The nurses and support staff were very helpful. Nurse Meghan was great on the phone to chat with.
5 Stars

I had a procedure on Tuesday 9/1/20. The RN that spent the most time with me was Nurse Jessica. In the numerous visits I have made to KU Med I/R, she was the most empathetic, understanding and down to earn nurse I have worked with. She took time to answer my questions. She told me why I was experiencing the symptoms I had. She explained more to me about the bili-drain tube than the previous doctors and nurses combined. --- But on this day, nurse Jessica communicated "with" me, not "at" me. She displayed an attitude of patient care that I have rarely experienced there. I hope the hospital continues to fill its staff with nurses like this. Nurses that slow down, listen, care, comfort and inform. Thank you Nurse Jessica!
5 Stars

Dr Brandon Custer is my Doctor. In late October 2019, I was admitted to KU Med with a DVT. Dr Custer successfully removed it! At my one month follow-up appointment, Dr Custer asked if wanted to see their Vascular Clinic in Shawnee? They in turn, called me to set up an appointment. I’m so thankful to Dr Custer as my sonogram showed narrowing of my smaller veins. The same leg I had the DVT. Dr Richard Arnspiger, MD will perform two procedures on that leg to open those veins. I’m 75, and had no plans of having vein surgery again. Upon returning from a long trip in February, my problem leg was very swollen and rigid. I’m so relieved and grateful to Dr Custer for his suggestion. Dr Custer is very accomplished with a warm and down-to-earth to personality. We are so blessed to have Dr Custer and his family in our community and on staff at KUMED! The ranking’s don’t lie ... KUMED is Number 1 ☘️🙏🏻

5 Stars

Dr. Zachary Collins is my IR doctor and has been proving TX360 treatments for me for the past 7-8 months. I have chronic headaches/migraines from an accident and if it wasn’t for Dr Collins I don’t know what I would be doing to live Day by day. He is a truly caring and professional Doc and he has the best bed side manners you could hope for. I wish every doctor cared for their patients the way Dr Collins does. Me and my family appreciate him beyond what I can say in this review!

5 Stars

Had a tx360 treatment for my migraines. It was amazing. 🙏🏻 I can’t believe my neurologist didn’t tell me about this sooner!

4 Stars

My doctor told me I had BPH. I went to see a urologist and talked about a prostate resection. Looked online and found these guys. I just had my prostate shut off by way of the artery last week. So far so good, I was told it takes a couple weeks to see the full effect.

5 Stars

Had my prostrate treated by IR. Had issues for years and it seemed to help. Less hesitancy and don't need to pee at night. The crew there was very helpful. Kudos.

5 Stars

I am now Fibroid free! Thank you Dr. Collins!!



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